May 20, 2024

Privacy Policy

We are Celebrity Jazz Ug

Our website address is:

What you you should know..

When you visit our website and leave a comment on the website, the website will collect the entered data in the form including your IP address and type of browser used at times plus the kind of device used. This data is collected and kept safely most times by Google adsense

Images and files

In case you upload files i.e. videos to the website, Make sure the ones your upload don’t have locations embedded. as someone can access these image files and later on access your location information.


When requested to fill your data inclusive of email, telephone number, these will be retained mostly by the browser or our website cache system. These help you save time next time you try to use our form. The saved cookies only last for a year.

When you are to use login details cookies are set up to save you from several login details entering, but the moment you log out or close the browser these cookies are erased and are no more.